ARC for Equity

Undoing Racism Series


As part of our work with ARC, Newselites are asked to contribute to a broader research study to help business leaders more effectively build antiracism practices into their corporate structures and organizational contexts.

If you’d like to participate in this study, please fill out this pre-course survey before 3/2 that gives you an opportunity to provide your opinions on social issues prior to the start of course.

Please note that your participation is completely voluntary. Newsela will not know if you do or don’t. And the survey link provides a consent form so that you will be fully informed before deciding whether or not to participate.

As part of ARC’s research, there are three main components should you choose to participate (in any, some or all):

  1. Pre- and Post-Course Survey: an optional 20-minute survey where you will have an opportunity to provide your opinions on social issues prior to the start of — and at some point after — the Undoing Racism course.

  2. Quick Surveys After Each Module (Exit Tickets): an optional 3-minute survey immediately following each Seminar and Workshop, where you can provide feedback on each session.

  3. Course Assignments: You will have a series of short course assignments to submit, in order to receive credit for completing the Undoing Racism course. Throughout the course, each time you submit an assignment you will be able to opt in, or opt out, of including your assignment submission in ARC’s research study data collection and analyses.

If you do decide to participate, any personal information that could identify you will not be used for reports resulting from the research study, and this information will be removed from ARC’s datasets prior to using any of the data to help the People Team or Newsela Leadership as they further shape Newsela’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging planning.